Packing List

This is for any future Ghana PCV. We will update it after we are there a while to let you know what we should have left/should have brought instead. We are also fortunate to be able to share a lot of things like sheets, sleeping bag, towels, kitchen stuff etc.

Her List

-Messenger Bag
-Cotton Zip-up wrap purse
-Rolling Bag
-40 liter backpack
-Luggage Locks

-Convertible Hiking Pants (2)
-Yoga pants (3)
-Light pants (1)
-Cotton Skirts (5)
-Cotton Tanks/Tees (10)
-Swimsuit (1)
-Socks (3)
-Bandanas (3)
-Cotton Panties (20) -Quality undies are apparently difficult to find there.
-Cotton bras/sport (5)
-Chacos (2)
-Running Shoes (1)
-Cute Flats (1)
-Long sleeve shirt (2)
-Hoodie (1)
-Rain Jacket (1)
-Hat (1)
-Scarf (1)

-Natural hand sanitizer/wipes
-Eye mask (2) and ear plug box(2)
-Quick Dry Towel (1)
-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Razors and refills
-Hair Ties/Bobby pins
-Travel Size Shampoo/Conditioner
-Toothbrush case
-Diva Cup and Cleaner
-Dr. Bronners bar of soap (2)

-Unlocked Iphone
-Solar charger for phone and computer*
-Head lamp (2)
-External Hard drive compatible with mac and Microsoft *
-Convertor adaptor*
-Downloaded music/books- Thanks Stuey & Martinezs!
-Headphones (2)

*We are getting travel insurance to cover electronics.

-Pictures of Fam/Friends- thanks Stuey!
-Hammock- thanks Pops!
-Nalgene (2)
-Map of the World- Thanks Mama C!
-Duct Tape
-Journal- Thanks Pace Fam!
-Lonely Planet Africa- Thanks Fortes!!
-10 Passport Photos
-Thermostat Pillow- Thanks Mama C!
-Queen Cotton Sheets
-Small Gifts for Host Family- Oklahoma boot scootin chili, crayons, candy, postcards, American history coloring books
-Bug Repellent
-Iodine Tablets
-Pocket Knife
-Vegetable Seeds

Both of Us:
Mini Apothecary:
-Organic Sun Screen
-Tea Tree Oil
-Grapefruit Seed Extract
-Oregano Oil
-Essential Oils- thanks mum!
-Liposomal Vitamin C- thanks Nort!
-Liquid Chlorophyl

-Ziplock Bags
-Yummy Snacks

His List

-40 Liter Backpack
-Messenger Bag
-Large Duffle
-Large Rolling Suitcase

-Convertible Pants (4)
-Lightweight Pants (2)
-Gym Shorts (2)
-Polo Shirt (2)
-Cotton Button Down (2)
-Cotton Tee (5)
-Chacos (2)
-Minimalist Running Shoes (1)
-Dress Shoes (1)
-Boxers (7)
-Socks (5)

-Toothbrush Case
-Shampoo/Conditioner (Travel size)
-Quick Dry Towel

-Tablet- thanks Meliss and Jared!
-Solar-Powered Chargers
-Rechargeable Batteries
-Headphones (2)
-Downloaded Music/Books

-Pics of Fam/Friends
-10 Passport Photos
-Pocket Knife
-Duct Tape
-Vegetable Seeds


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