Our Final Post

This is our final Peace Corps post because Chris and I found out some big news in July.. We are pregnant! Ahh! Since Ghana is a high malarial region and has little medical support in the rural areas where volunteers are placed, pregnant volunteers and their partners are sent to America for the prenatal care and birth. So here we are:)

It was a bit sad and sudden to say goodbye to our community, but not without its Ghana moments. We had dinner with the elders to break our news. We reminded them that during our naming ceremony the previous year they had prayed over us that we would get pregnant and give birth in Manyoro (while we adamantly shook our heads “noooo”). The elder woman who had spoken this over us confirmed with the others, as they all started to remember that day. At that point everyone started to laugh and the elders then decided to take full responsibility for our situation:p They said we had been sitting under a certain baobab tree that also happens to be an oracle, so whatever is said there comes to pass (this would have been nice to know for planning purposes). They gave us their blessing and asked that we bring the child to the village so he/she could learn their roots.  We said we could sure try our best.

So this is the end of our Peace Corps journey. We can whole-heartily say it was a wild, unexpected ride from beginning to end. Ir’s something that will impact us forever. We hope that we were able to make a difference, even though we believe we are all making a difference one way or another no matter where we are or what we are doing in the world. So maybe a better way to say it is that we hope we left our community with more ideas, inspiration, friendships, and skills than when we first arrived. We are thankful for it all, mostly for the relationships.

This baby thing was at the end of our five year plan, but it seems life is full of surprises! Despite our initial shock, we are totally thrilled about getting to be parents. We can’t wait to nurture and love this little life that we have been entrusted with.

So this is it for now,

❤ Chris, Kallie, & baby o

photo 5 (2)


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