Family Visit

Here are some pics from when the fam came to visit us in July! I think the highlight was the welcoming ceremony our village put on for them. It was sooo sweet! Tons of drumming/dancing, speeches, and my dad cracking up the whole place with his white man dance moves. We also got to hike the tallest waterfall in West Africa, sat in a bus station for 8 hours for a bus that was “coming” but never came, checked out lots of local crafts, road around the whole country on the worst roads, ate local food (and subsequently all got sick together), and got to meet the whole village crew. Although I don’t think they would consider visiting Ghana a “vacation,” I think overall everyone had a pretty swell time. It meant a lot to us that they trekked all the way out to West Africa to see us and our stomping grounds for the past 18 months.


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