Hey, May!

May is flying by which means we have officially survived our last full dry season (with minimal heat rash and utis might I add). The rains have begun earlier this year and we couldn’t be happier. Bye-bye to days of scorching 110’s. We spent several hours this week revamping our garden to make it “climate smart.” We had 24 hours of permaculture training a few weeks ago, so we are fired up about it! The week-long ag training was focused on bee-keeping, rabbit rearing, and a permagardening. It was by far our favorite training in Peace Corps.

Now that we are back in the village we have been working on implementing what we learned. We took two counterparts from our community to the training with us. It worked out because one really wants to lead the beekeeping project and the other wants to do the rabbits. Chris and I are most passionate about the gardening. We created a demonstration garden in our courtyard (as I mentioned above). It’s already gotten quite a bit of attention -as does everything we do here which is either irritating or slightly flattering depending on the day. It looks quite different than the typical row and shallow till gardens here, but it is oh so much more efficient. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but you need to know that we only have to water it twice a week, it will yield significantly more produce in a smaller space, no fertilizer will be needed, and pests won’t be a big problem. It’s basically magic, I know.

We continue to try our hand at small homesteading projects. Currently we have mushrooms growing under our table (that’s not strange is it? Sometimes I can’t tell anymore). A few have popped up and we are hoping more will come soon. We have a friend who works for the Canadian Hunger Project. We have been so impressed by that NGO. They do sheep rearing, village savings groups, and soap making in our community. The other day our friend came to visit and she brought us two chickens! She’s knows the plight we have had with the things so she included two weeks of medication with directions and one month of complete feed. The feed she brought is much more wholesome than what the locals use. We are finally feeling like this chicken rearing thing is starting to make some sense. We will see though. Felicia continues to think she is a puppy and is our furry Ghana love. People say she is pregnant again, but it could very well be she’s just fed a wee bit much.

Besides working on our small agricultural projects Chris has been tutoring and I have been in the clinic. The clinic is quite slow these days because it’s not malaria season. We hardly have any cases. Once the rain really gets going though the malaria will too. We had 34 cases in one day last year. Eeek.

I think that’s about it from our end. We love and miss you all! Happy spring and almost summer!!!




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