Mango Time


We are back in the village and all is well! It feels good to be back with friends and familiar faces. It’s hot season now which means midday everyone is under trees or fans trying to move as little as possible. It also means Chris is sleeping with ice packs and I’m pouring water on myself all night. It’s also mango season (happy dance!!), this somewhat makes up for the heat suffering-o. We snapped a photo of the new school/library . It opens next term, mid-may. We also have 40 more toilets in the community now (woot woot)! Felicia is good. We missed that sassy goat. We were sad to find the baby didn’t make it:( We are giving her extra treats and love. The neighbors offered to let us milk their goats till Felcia is ready again. Turns out that takes a village…  Below are some photos of it all.





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