Mid-Service March

Dear Family & Friends,

We wanted to post a little update since it has been a while. We left site a few weeks ago after a busy new year beginning. The latrines were all going up, the school was almost completed, the goat was pregnant, the dry season garden growing, the chickens were still not laying eggs and the Days for Girls workshop was checked off the list.  This was our first time leaving Ghana in over a year. We got to spend two magical weeks in Spain with our moms and a few friends where we drank $1 bottles of wine, soaked up the beautiful architecture, ate our weight in cheese, caught up on our hug quota, and got to be part of our dear friends Dawn and Harley’s engagement. It was truly was one of the most special two weeks.

We are back in the capital of Ghana where we just completed our mid-service medical evaluations which consisted of a teeth cleaning, a physical, and some stool samples. Everything looks good so far, minus a little heat rash and some ongoing ear issues (I think The Borrowers moved into my ears when we moved to Ghana). Still, not much to phone home about. We just think about where we were last year at this time, which was most likely with our faces in a bucket somewhere. Those first few months were rough. We got a little anxious there for awhile thinking that if this is how it’s going to be then we don’t know if we can handle it for 27 months. -Apparently it takes up to 6 months for your body to adjust to the ecoli here FYI. A little tidbit of info we wish we had in the beginning.  Nevertheless our bodies are pretty adjusted now, neither of us have had a fever within the last nine months and our intestines are happier these days. Yayyyyy

We will be in the capital until we have our annual all volunteer conference in a couple of days. We actually have some stuff going on at our site right now which is compromising our security:/ We have had a couple of meetings with staff, and it looks like we will have to be moved. We were very bummed when we first learned about this, as we have worked really hard to integrate and invest into our community. We love it and have said over and over that we don’t think there’s a better fitting community for us in all of Ghana. There are also a few relationships there that have really kept us going in the hard times. However, in light of all of the terrorist attacks and our current global situation, we feel pretty zen about the whole thing. We got a whole year with our community and feel grateful for it all. We just really hope we can bring Felicia and our children (I’m not saying I would be a kidnapper but…)

So we aren’t too sure what the future holds. It looks like we will get a whole new experience living somewhere in the southern region of Ghana which looks/feels like a whole different country. It’s a lush rain forest with loads of cocoa farms, plantain trees, and coconuts groves. It’s so humid ahhh but doesn’t hit the intense 105-120 temps the upper east hits so it’s a trade off. We are just taking this (somehow) Ghana style and rolling with it. We will keep you all posted.

We love and miss you all lots!



Not Ghana



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