Let Girls Learn

Hey everybody!

Sorry about that last post. That was a video I watched a few months ago and really connected with at the time. I had thought about writing a post about it, but then kind of forgot about the whole thing then next thing I know I get a text from my pops.

Dad: “Kallie, did you mean to post that bizarre “wooden hearts” video on your blog?”

Me:” ahh noooo”

Dad: “Seriously, you gotta check that out. Made me wonder about you”

Why thanks dad…. So I didn’t mean to send the video out, but I still think it’s beautiful. Before moving to Ghana, I would sometimes idealize other states/countries/people groups. I think The Listener nails it though, “we are all broken people on our most honest day of living.” For whatever reason, that encourages me sometimes here.

So some updates- We had our Days for Girls event last week. It was a success! 80 girls participated in our 8 hour training. They learned some self-defense tricks, anatomy, hygiene, and all about the female menstrual cycle. Several hours were dedicated for them to learn how to sew their own boutique reusable sanitary pads. Our community tailor participated and was such a help. She is now connected with the NGO (non-governmental organization) and plans to sew more hygiene kits for the women in the community. It’s perfect because it’s a niche where she can earn some extra income for her family, while also helping increase the health and hygiene practice of women in our community! Double win.

The school is complete! The 40 household latrines are half-way done. We will post pics when we return to site next month. Currently we are doing some work at the Peace Corps office before we fly-out for our leave in a  few days!! We can hardly wait. One week with our dear friends Dawn & Harels and another week with our mamas!!!! ❤

xo, Kallie

photophoto 1 (1)photo 4photo 2 (1)

For your listener enjoyment (not you dad)




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