Happy New Year!!

De n Ben Dwoori or Happy New Year!!!
I seriously love the beginning of a new year! There’s so much potential and fresh energy. 2015 was rich in new experiences, new faces, and new places. And whew was it something else at times πŸ‘€  But 2015 will we hold a special place in our hearts forever. 

I am one of those people that lovesss setting goals so I get a little cray with the pen and paper around this time every year. To give you a little inside into the hopes and dreams of an American lady living in Africa you can see below. 

2016 Aspirations 

1. Buy a goat to celebrate one year anni in Ghana then learn to milk that thing #freshgoatsmilk 

2. Create an innovative dry season garden 

3. Learn to make more healthy yet sweet treats in our dutch oven (sweet potato souffle, apple crisps, banana bread- I would love suggestions and favorite recipes!)

4. Begin reading club-  Encourage love of reading and imagination in the children 

5. Keep chickens alive and get some darn eggs!

These are the main ones I’ve got so far. Btw we were notified today that ALL of our grants have been completely funded!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸ‘ THANK YOU all for your contributions and sharing!! We were a bit concerned that the school  funding would take several months, so we have been happily surprised! We had thought the latrine money was coming in October and that those would be wrapped up by now, but you never know with government funding. So we will be doing all three big projects at once (household latrines, the school, and days for girls). This isn’t ideal, but we will take it! It’s time to #grinditout. Thank you again everyone. ❀️ This was fabulous news to start out the new year. 

May 2016 bring loads of love and happiness to you all,

K & C


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