A Family Christmas

Seasons greetings! 
We hope everyone had a happy Christmas! We sure have missed you all, but have enjoyed hearing your voices through videos, whats app, and calls. Chris and I kicked off Christmas a day early in our village by surprising some of our friends and kids with gifts/stockings. It was really sweet, they were so happy. -Thank you family for sending gift money so we could give so many gifts. Everyone was thrilled and grateful. We then had a very homey Christmas at our friend Mary’s house. She decorated the house so beautifully. It looked just like an American house during Christmas. We had about 15 people over for dinner. We all cooked together and made the most fabulous meal we have had in a long time. Fried sheep, (the goat slated for slaughter turned out to be pregnant!), mashed potatoes, salad, garlic bread, mushrooms, green beans, and ice cream plus cake for dessert! mmmh! We attended mass, did a gift exchange, and stayed in our pjs for days watching movies and playing games. = pretty normal Christmas 😎

Chris and I left to celebrate the Harvest festival in our village (Fao} and then returned after to spend some more holiday time together. 

Fao was something else! There was a giant auction (goats, watermellon, corn, yam anyone?) There were games, dancing, drumming, and loads of food. People from surrounding communities came. It was quite a production. They were raising money for the church. I’m sure they met their quota. 

C and I were gifted another rooster (yikes and yay simultaneously!). We have decided we want to try our hand at raising chickens again. When the new year starts we plan to get another hen or two and begin the games. New Years goal number 1 = keep those babies alive!

We love and miss everyone- a translated version of what we have been getting a lot lately is “We pray that next year at this time you are still in life.” This always makes me giggle a little on the inside, but it is true.😛 We want to see everyone’s faces again!

Happy New Year!!!!!







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