Taken by the Wind

These days the temperature drops below 75 and we find ourselves shivering. And we aren’t the only ones. If you step outside our house right now you will see people in ski jackets, beanies, scarves, and blankets. I am not joking. Turns out 75 feels genuinely cold when you are used to 110. We have entered the harmattan season and are absolutely loving it.

Harmattan is named after a West African trade wind that blows a ton of dust from the Sahara 2-3 months out of the year. It results in this (see below- white kids on the bike).  Although our house is covered in a thin layer of dust, despite my constant sweeping, this is absolutely our favorite season in Ghana. Harmattan for us means easy sleeping, not fretting when the power goes out, enjoying morning coffee with a light blanket, some nights heating our water on the propane stove for baths, and overall having sooo much more energy. We have been here long enough now to experience the three seasons of our region. We have hot season, which will be here full force in March (we are running away ta-ta), then rainy season from July to Oct, and finally dry season + Harmattan from Nov- July.
Now that dry season has begun the work has changed. People have gone from farming to building houses, creating dry season gardens, and funeral hopping. We are looking forward to celebrating the big Kassena Festival called Fao. It’s the Festival of Harvest which lands on the 26th of December this year. We hear there will be lots of food and dancing- true  Kassena Tribe style.

Our friend ‘s father gathering water from the well he dug to water his dry season garden


Dry season garden


The outside of one of the gardens- they make the fences out of millet sticks


a garden in the making


One of the ten cauldrons of pito in the making for a funeral. Pito is a local drink made of fermemted millet. Its the traditional funeral drink


Getting around during harmattan


Just an update on the hair situation these days

photo (2)



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