“For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerso

 In honor of it being the month of Thanksgiving we thought we could share one thing we are thankful for each day this month here in Ghana.

Nov. 1
Today I am thankful…

That every evening I get to watch the golden light touch down on all of the fields of corn surrounding us, while taking my evening bucket bath -K

For learning to appreciate the present.-C

Nov. 2
Today I am thankful…

For getting to buy things off of people’s heads- cause when else in life can you do this? -K

For being married to my best friend.-C

Nov. 3
Today I am thankful…

For my wonderful Chris!!! And all of the time we are getting to spend together (being coworkers is the best) and for the experiences we are sharing  -K

For being able to make my own schedule.-C

Nov. 4
Today I am thankful…

For the constant fresh air here in Ghana (windows open, windows down, an outdoor office under the neem tree). Also- sleeping at night to the cricket chorus. -K

For having a support network of PCVs and friends.-C

Nov. 5
Today I am thankful…

For the sweet children and the ways they express their love. We came home today to hidden peanut brittle and one watchman child making sure nobody took the dessert they prepared for us while we were gone. In the evening, I heard a knock on the window and went to discover Maisha. She said “I brought you something, you will like it. It’s what you taught us to call proootein.” I walk around to find her with cooked bombaro beans and groundnuts she prepared for us at farm. Macrena brought us hibiscus flowers the other day for tea making. Although, in American standards, these kids are considered incredibly poor, they are clearly rich in so many ways. -K

For great family and friends in The States.-C

Nov. 6
Today I am thankful…

For weaning season and the fresh milk sold in our market today by the Phelani women -K

For seeing progress with the youth in our village schools.-C

Nov. 7
Today I am thankful…

For the kindness of our Ghana “fathers and mothers” who bring us gifts from farm- groundnuts, guinea fowl eggs, or hibiscus tea leaves as well as small things that they have made like dinner or a home sown apron. These gestures mean so much to us. -K

For finding a copious amount of wagashee (fried cheese) in market today.-C

Nov. 8
Today I am thankful…

For the magic of moringa in my morning tea. Ghana has so many medicinal and nutritional trees, plants, and herbs. It is one thing I really love about it. -K

For having grown up in Disney World-a.k.a. America the land of opportunity.-C

Nov. 9
Today I am thankful…

That we get to do life here like many Ghanaians have for hundreds of years- Going with the sun, communicating through people, doing everything by hand, sleeping outside, sowing and harvesting our year’s food, pounding fufu, farming to the beat of each others hoe, and dancing at every possible occasion . -K

For having been given the opportunity to go to college.-C

Nov. 10
Today I am thankful…

For our friend Lage Dam. I can’t imagine our lives here without him. He will be one of the people we will attempt to stuff in our suitcases next March. -K

For understanding and having passion for conservation efforts.-C

Nov. 11
Today I am thankful…

For the peacefulness and cooler weather during early morning jogs. -K

For seeing the sunrise on the other side of the Atlantic .-C

Nov. 12
Today I am thankful…

For learning how to make dark chocolate cake in our dutch oven !!  -K

For surfing, soccer, volleyball and tennis.-C

Nov. 13

Today I am thankful…

For getting to have a sleepover party with Mikayla, Casey, and Mary. It was so much fun and much needed. -K

For receiving support and care packages from those back home who we wish we could be with.-C

Nov. 14
Today I am thankful..

For tonight and how I was so touched, albeit initially annoyed because I was tired and wanted to sleep, yet after being gone for three days and returning exhausted in the evening kids kept showing up at our door. Each of our 9 closest children paid visits to the house in pairs or individually just to say hello and that they missed us. Thomas in particular made my night. In his beginners English he came by alone, and I wasn’t sure why, until he finally got out that he basically just wanted to say thank you for everything and for the birthday party we threw for him last week. He was so genuine. I could tell it was coming from such a deep place. My eyes started stinging and I knew the tears were coming. Thomas has come such a long way over the past 7 months. He always used to pick on people and did annoying things to get attention. He has turned into such a generous, grateful, and respectful boy. I love him to pieces. I am so thankful for getting to be part of these kids’ lives. -K

For learning to live perfectly happy with less -C

Nov. 15
Today I am thankful…

For chances. The second, third, and tenth kind of ones. -K

For new perspectives on life and purpose.-C

Nov. 16
Today I am thankful…

For our friend Eddie. He is ALWAYS there for us. So much that we are constantly thinking of things we can do for him, yet too often coming up blank. This evening I was worried that our friend Mikayla didn’t make it safely into her village, so I called him to see if he could call around to his friends from that village so someone could go check on her. Next thing I know he’s at our front door ready to take me on his moto to go check on her a thirty minute drive away. He’s one of the most generous and caring people we have ever known. -K

For great books, writers, and truth and justice seekers; Crichton, Steinbeck, Taleb, Coelho.-C

Nov. 17
Today I am thankful…

For the serene sound of the wind sweeping through the fields and the cooler evenings we are experiencing. I actually feel autumn’s shadow. -K

That an alarm clock is no longer part of my life.-C

Nov. 18
Today I am thankful…

For our counterpart Romeo. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish a’thing without him. He works so hard, is reliable, and a wonderful friend. -K

For developing a strong stomach.-C

Nov. 19
Today I am thankful…

For being reminded of the beauty in “losing yourself in the service of others.” And-for the opportunity to work on practicing it regularly.-K

That cheeseburgers and shakes exist somewhere.-C

Nov. 20

Today I am thankful…

For getting placed in our community. I don’t think there’s a better fit for us in all of Ghana. We love biking everywhere, the small town friendliness, the delicious market within an hour, the quietness, the land & space& air, and the kindness of the people.

Coffee and morning jogs with my wife. -C

Nov. 21
Today I am thankful…

For courage and for Ghana helping me learn to be brave. -K

For and modern science.-C

Nov. 22
Today I am thankful…

For technology, especially voice messaging on What’s App. -K

Water and lots of it.-C

Nov. 23
Today I am thankful…

For care packages!!! -K

For our friend, Lage dam.-C

Nov. 24
Today I am thankful…

For our Irish friend, Mary. Spending time with her in her western home (an ac, an oven, a tv, running water) is always so refreshing. She is such an encouragement and example of what it means to live in very big-hearted ways. We are so lucky to have her in our lives.

For having our own garden to collect vegetables from.-C

Nov. 25, 2015
Today I am thankful…

That tomorrow we get to travel to the luscious Volta region to spend Thanksgiving with two good friends, where we plan to hike Ghana’s tallest peak, swim in its waterfalls, and partake in a vegan Thanksgiving. We are also hoping to land some good fresh coffee and cocoa! It’s a year of new experiences, although we miss family, friends, and tradition we are thankful for all of the opportunities this year has given us. Happy Thanksgiving!

For a Thanksgiving vacation to the mountains and waterfalls. Happy Day of Thanks!-C



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