Help Build A School

Greetings to all, a short post regarding some projects Kallie and I are heading up during this holiday season. Recently, Kallie and I have hosted various community meetings with our counterparts in order to help tackle some of the projects that would benefit the village that is our current home. Kallie has been heading up a health project (targeting reduction of disease) that will essentially subsidize latrines for 40 families in our community so that way they will be affordable, durable, and sustainable. Meanwhile I have also begun a project that will finish the construction of a school building that will greatly impact the learning environment of the youth within our village. Additionally, many other secondary projects, such as those mentioned in Kallie’s previous blog post, are underway and updates on those will keep coming as well.

However, due to the nature of development work, funds can only be distributed to certain projects depending on specific criteria met. For example, in the case of the project I am heading up, it will be necessary to raise some outside funding to accomplish the project. A brief outline of the project is listed in the link below. There were many details that have gone into the project design and grant, and we will gladly answer questions or give more details on the project if desired. So for any family members, friends, readers or businesses interested in helping build a school in Ghana, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or feel free to donate (anonymously or not) via the link below. We are hoping to get the project started as soon as funding is achieved so that way the children will have a school that is more conducive to learning. We will continue to provide photos on the progress once the project begins. We hope you all are having a great start to Thanksgiving season and wish we could be there to celebrate with friends and family. The information on the project:

  The school at this point
11822370_2780048267301_589727108367466590_n 887434_2855387270729_2384207672504421974_o

The Paga Crocodile inspiration for Halloween! Fun times! Happy Holiday Season!

Ko ko fi! (Farewell for ‘small time’)

-Chris and Kallie


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