October From Ghana

“I’ll give you two cows for your wife,” said a man approaching Chris today while we were having lunch. Just another one of those daily reminders that we aren’t in Kansas anymore! For the record Chris told the man “oh, she is worth much more! You bring me two cows plus a jet airplane, 2 motos, a new car, and 5 million Ghana Cedi…then we will talk. 👏 Humor helps everything here (and keeps me from wanting to sock someone).

This post is just an update on recent happenings. Let’s see..Our garden did well this year. We harvested oodles of tomatoes, okra, garden eggs, peppers, and vio. The carrots came out tiny and the watermelons weren’t plenty, but still delicious.

We are taking a sabbatical from raising chickens after three sudden deaths occurred  (we gave the fourth to our neighbor and told him he was probably safer in his hands). The only thing that was making them sick that we can think of was the tiny fish I was grinding up to put in their food everyday. One of the university students staying with us this summer told me that’s what they do on their chicken farm and that it makes them very fat. I thought “ooo! I want that” and proceeded to feed them protein rich meals. Everyone around here says they feed the chickens millet only, so maybe protein overload is where we went wrong? Maybe we just aren’t meant to be chicken people after all.

Currently Chris spends his time teaching ICT at the junior high (where there aren’t any computers FYI, which makes for a very interesting ICT class), tutoring in the evening, and being the head trainer for the village men’s football team (although he claims he’s the worst player out there- gotta love foreigner status benefits).

The rains have slowed and the last one is due any day now. It’s back to being oppressively hot awohhhh (noo in Kasem). Everyone is busy harvesting their millet, corn, and groundnuts. Some evenings we go to our friend Romeo’s house to help with the harvesting. Our southern friends love to brag about their daily gifts of coconuts and oranges. Well we currently have about 10 lbs of groundnuts sitting in our house- so take that!

I’ve been spending a lot of time helping out in the clinic. Since being here I’ve realized how much I love working with children. Its a helpful insight because now I think, when we return to the States I want to focus my counseling practice on kiddos. It’s a passion and a strength that Ghana has brought out (although my mother would claim it’s open defecation- as she exclaimed to me when I was having a low day “You are so great Kallie! See, I’ve never known anyone as passionate about open defecation as you are!” Thanks mom..

What else… We have a latrine project underway. We are trying to build 40 household latrines + education meetings on hygiene, maintenance etc. We have had several planning meetings and everything, somewhat shockingly, has gone smoothly thus far. I wrote my first ever grant for it, so we will see how that goes.

We are also partnering with our friend Rev. Beeri, who happens to be a Catholic Priest (cool stuff), to help him complete a much needed school that he’s been working on for a few years. Chris wrote a public grant for that, so that’l be available for anyone to donate to online soon.

We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this month!!! We spent it stuffing our faces with burgers and salads imagining what we would have thought 7 years ago if we could see ourselves today (I think I’ve had a legitimate salad twice since being here and I think this was Chris’ third burger].  We didn’t get to travel to some far away place or get all dressed up to go somewhere fancy, but this humble second anniversary in Africa will be a stickin with us. :}

This month was also my 25th bday. We made popcorn and threw a Disney movie party for the kids. The feature film was The Little Mermaid. It was a hit.

Well this seems sufficient for now. Thank you for the care packages and childrens books! We would love to get more of those over here, so if anyone hears of an organization that ships reading books to Africa  please let us know! Also, Christmas is coming up so if you send a package some small childrens books would be great gifts to pass on.

Peace & Love, & Happiness too,


Young Victoria backing baby Emmanuela. These are 2 of our 12 dailies that we have come to love a lot!
Romeo’s Aunt working hard harvesting kanzaga (a local green-known as a type of hibiscus plant)
The humble beginnings of our school library
Maisha, Macrena, and Victoria showing me how millet is processed Ghana style
This little cutie helping his family pluck the groudnuts off of the roots. This is how everyone is spending their free time these days

7 thoughts on “October From Ghana

  1. Hi, loving your blogs. Your garden sounds wonderful. U did better then I. Tomatoes were enough for just the two of us. The simple onion never produced to my expectation. Oh well there is always next year. I’m having Thanksgiving this yr. Have not heard a definite answer from OK & AZ family’s. Wish I could fly u two back to surprise everyone. Wouldn’t that be cool !! The two of u are always on my mind. Love u both. G-Ma Madeira

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a GREAT update, Honey! You and Chris continue to daily amaze us. Thank you for the laughs, the awareness, the heart, and the “you” that is so eloquently woven throughout your enlightening blogs. Keep ’em coming, Babeeee!!

    Oh, and you’re welcome for the kudos about your passion for a privacy and sanitation preference. (just say “no” to open defecation, right? lol) To be clear, tho, little miss Pied Piper… I think you are BEYOND amazing with children, too. You have countless talents, gifts, and skills- and I Love how you use them to bring happiness to others. Shine on, Baby girl. Shine on. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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