Naming Ceremony 

We finally had our naming ceremony on the 4th of July! I’d like to think it was intentionally planned that way, but I’m not too sure the organizers realized what a special day it was for us. Either way, we were happy how it worked out. Chris and I woke up singing America the Beautiful. Being that we have been gone for almost half a year now, we miss our homeland dearly. We had a breakfast of eggs and mangoes, pledged to the flag in honor of the day it was, and headed out.

We had a traditional ceremony with lots of singing, dancing, and other rituals. Many members of the community were there and they voted on our names. Our village mother presented me with my name and our village father presented Chris with his. Our names rhyme too. Mine means the lady of the village and Chris means he comes from our village or in the name of our village. They also said something about us being fraternal twins, but we decided not to think too much into that.

When a new baby has a naming ceremony they slaughter a fowl on a certain tree as a sacrifice to the gods.  Whichever god receives the sacrifice will then watch out for the child for the rest of their life. Instead of slaughtering chickens for us, they decided to present them as gifts. They said the chickens are symbols of prosperity and their wish is that we will prosper during our time here. We were pumped since we have had a coop ready and were just waiting on the students to leave before we purchased some chickens of our own. Guess we won’t have to now! 

That night our upper east companions came to celebrate our naming ceremony and sweet, sweet freedom. We built a bonfire and taught the Ghanaian college students how to roast a marshmellow and make a mean s’more. We all busted out international dance moves and had a grand time. Thanks American and happy birthday 🇺🇸



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