Care Packages

Thank you all for the care package love!!! It feels like Christmas morning when one of those show up for us. If anyone needs ideas for the future we thought we could graciously provide some 😉

  • Protein bars- kind, cliff, luna, Lara
  • Protein powder
  • Vitamin c packets
  • Peanut butter m&ms (Chris fav)
  • 85% dark chocolate by black and green organic (Kallie fav)
  • Candy, pencils, or small fun things for the kids
  • Green tea bags
  • Organic ground black coffee 
  • Sunflower seeds for the garden 
  • Gatorade mix
  • Cheese  
  • Letters 
  • Spices- cinnamon, paprika, saffron 
  • Books, magazines, kids picture books 

Anything from you guys means a ton to us. It’s no small thing shipping a hefty package across the seas. We are so thankful for the love and support !!!



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