Work Lately


We wanted to share some of the small  projects we have been working on since we have started to shift from community surveys and needs assessments to more hands on work. Over the past two weeks we have taught 400 students in our four schools about malaria and the importantance of recycling/not littering.

For the malaria lesson we had them play malaria freeze tag at the end in order to make it memorable and to help get some important information to stick (get treated quickly, sleep under a bet-net etc.). I uploaded some pictures of this at the bottom of this post. Freeze tag is a foreign concept here, so we tried to explain it the best we could, but alas it was mayhem the first few times. At the count of ten, the first group bee-lined straight for the bed-net (the ten second neutral zone). They all piled under it thus ripping the net from the tree and trapping themselves. The next two groups had trouble remembering to freeze and mostly just ran around in a frenzy. After that, we started explaining things a bit differently, which made things run a bit smoother. We got some great pics of the craziness in the beginning.

We have also been helping organize a school library. We have met with the four headmasters and they are pumped. They have a space ready and are working on raising the funds to get the books here from Tamale (5 hours). We have 800 books coming and we will be going to fetch them in the next month or so.

In August, we are going to a workshop hosted by Grassroots Soccer. Grassroots soccer is an organization out of South Africa that trains people in villages to teach about HIV/AIDS through the continental language- soccer. I’m taking our friend Sandra and Chris is taking our friend Bismarc. Sandra and I will coach an adolescent girls team together. We want to incorporate some female health and gender empowerment stuff into our practices as well. Chris and Bismarc will coach an adolescent boys team. We are excited !

Ko ke fe (small time), Kallie


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