Site Restriction 

All Peace Corps volunteers must go through the site restriction period. This is the first three months at site where you aren’t allowed to leaveeee (travel). The goal is that you become integrated in your community so that you feel at home and know what projects will be sustainable. Additionally, you aren’t supposed to start implementing big projects until site restriction is over. So here is how Chris and I have been spending our time thus far (over halfway in) :

  • Learning to make Shea butter
  • Starting a vegetable and flower garden
  • Attending funerals
  • Making our furniture
  • House to house health education
  • Accepting The Orlik Daycare is a real thing
  • Chasing baby goats
  • Trying to make the donkeys love us
  • Planting trees
  • Teaching health lessons in the schools
  • Watching the sunset from our veranda
  • Meeting with the local government
  • Wobbling with the kiddos (video coming soon)
  • Cooking with the neighbors
  • Biking through the bush (won’t do that again)
  • Writing
  • Chess
  • Checking out theTonga Hills
  • Eating our weight in watermelon
  • Building a chicken coop
  • Making mango jam
  • Kasem tutoring from the small humans
  • Doing rain dances
  • Visiting local NGOs (non-government organizations)
  • Early morning runs
  • Finding project leaders/counterparts
  • Weighing babies
  • Helping out at the health clinic
  • Playing loads of football (soccer)
  • Fine-tuning our bargaining skills at market
  • Doing  fancy development word things like Participatory Analysis for Community Action (PACA)
  • Shelling groundnuts social hour

I think that about sums it up. We go back for another week of training at the end of July where we will learn grant writing. I’m sure we will write more before then, maybe about some of our challenges. I don’t want to paint the picture that everything is baby donkies and wild fruit here. There have been times I’ve caught Chris caressing America on the world map hanging on our wall and likewise to me. It’s hard at times! That’ll be for another day though. Till then!

Xo, Kallie also known as kal, cow, kyoro, white woman, auntie, sister, wife, and mommy by the good people of our village 

Miss you all!!!!


dem hillz

delectable shea fruit


morning alarm


2 of the 5 upper beasts


baby donkey!!


garden and chick coop construction


mango jammmm


school lunch a cookin



4 thoughts on “Site Restriction 

  1. Probably a stupid question. Do you need shea fruit for shea butter? I use a lot of shea butter, and just assumed shea butter came from the store. Never heard of shea fruit until your post….You both will be super tough upon your return, or else you’ll just eat and sit in air conditioning. Chris, you look like you need a little fattening up; but do not plan on spending the rest of your lives eating junk food and just sitting in air conditioning doing nothing.


    1. Hi Aunt Mary! You do need Shea fruit:) it’s delicious ! Shea trees are only native to 13 countries in the world and Ghana is one of them! Oh man I think you read Chris’s mind. I’ll have to break the news to him that his secret is out. Miss you!


  2. Hello Chris and Kallie, Now that we have internet again we can stay more up to date with you.  We are enjoying all of the posts and pictures.  Your package should have been at your P.O. Box by the end of last week.  Hope it makes it’s way to you very soon.  We think of you daily.  Enjoy the memories and friendships you are making.  Much Love,Aunt Deb


    1. Thank you so much Aunt Debbie! We are happy to hear you all are back on the grid. We found the post office today so expect some good old fashioned letters in the near future ! Miss you all!


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