Rain Sleeps

The past few nights have been a bit rough. The power has been out for four days straight. Normally the power is out during the day, but comes on at night. I am perfectly fine with this arrangement. As long as we have our fan to sleep at night, Ghana and I are on good terms. We have not been in good terms lately. Chris and I have been trying to sleep when it’s 90 plus degrees both inside and outside with no breeze. After three nights of little sleep due to partial suffocation and heat stroke we were considering hiring a small child to fan us in the night…

Fast forward to last night- no small child present, but instead a slight breeze on the veranda. Chris and I hung our mosquito net and were lying on our mats. We were discussing approximately how many cedis we would pay for each breeze when we heard what can only be described as a battle cry. We stopped, listened and heard it again. With eyebrows raised we observed a storm was moving in. This woman was excited about the rain. We started to get giddy ourselves. The winds picked up and dust started getting into our eyes. We decided to grab our mats and bail as the dust tornadoes began to form in our trail.

We dropped everything inside and raced back out into the rain. We have never been so happy to see rain in our lives. We ran around in it giddy with glee. The rain here means things will cool down. It means our farming community will have work again. Things will become green. We allowed ourselves to get soaked to the bone and became cold for the first time since February 2nd, which was when we were on our way into the JFK airport. You know it’s bad when you remember the exact date and time you experienced chills last (fever chills don’t count).

The rain was a joyous event, but short-lived. We went back to bed where Chris said I told him in my sleep “please don’t talk to me, I’m sleeping on a cloud in heaven”. We were both sleeping like babes for three hours or so before that old, familiar suffocating feeling set in. We both woke up in a bed of sweat. The rain had come and gone. The heat was back. I don’t know why this surprised me, but it did. I just figured the rain was the chosen rain and that it would be the one to usher in rainy season. It would start and not stop until November. I was fine with this, but obviously delusional. We begrudgingly grabbed our pillows, mats, and mosquito net and made our way back outside. We slept ok there till around 5 am when the village started to wake up. It was getting loud so we decided to move back in once again. 

We have have had a total of three rains here since December. They have all been within the past month, and more should be here by now. I’ve had a few dreams of waking up to see everyone sowing seeds around us only to wake and gaze out of the window to see the same old dust and feel the same old heat. We cannot wait for rainy season to get rolling. In honor of this is the song below- our current theme song. 

  Here is what we are looking at now. Hopefully it will turn lush green in the next month or two and I can post a completely different looking photo. A small Burkina Faso mountain is peeking through the back, we love being nestled in them. It reminds me of our family cabin in the Ozarks



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