Trainee to Volunteer

So it’s official, we have been sworn in as PCVs. It was a very fun and hot day and was nice to have the US Ambassador of Ghana come up to our training village to swear us in, however I was even more excited once we fixed my stomach up and ousted the parasites! After fixing me up, we are now currently on an overnight bus headed from Accra (where I met the doctor) to Bolgatanga where we will alight and catch a taxi home. I am most excited to get back to our home in the Upper East after living out of a backpack for a month; although Accra was a nice little recovery spot for my stomach illness, we were even able to get some great grub there including chicken shawarma, which is like a chicken pita pit wrap, and also some great frozen yogurt at a self serve weigh and pay froyo bar. But those luxuries are exactly that…luxuries. Back to reality, where the man on the bus seated in front of me is sitting in an outdoor patio chair he purchased, and every now and again the driver accelerates too quickly and we have a man in a patio chair fall into my lap.   More news from home site to come in the near future!


  The man was cold from the A/C but I promise he’s under that blanket


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