Something wild just happened. We returned to our homestay families after being away for three weeks and I realized that I really love Ghanaian food! I started craving Mama Rose’s cooking while we were gone, and now that we are back I can’t get enough of it. She has offered to teach me how to make two of my favorite dishes- groundnut soup (think creamy chicken stew with a nutty flavor) with rice balls and Redred (blackeyed peas with onions and palmnut oil served with yam and plaintain chips). A couple of days ago I was able to successfully finish a whole ball of fufu (think large doughy ball made of plaintain and cassava). Big things happening. Chris can’t quite say the same yet, Ghanaian food hasn’t always done him right, but I’m sure they will be friends soon!

  Chris snapped this of me eating some groundnut soup and a rice ball one day at market. It was a 33 American cent meal! That’s what I’m talking bout 


2 thoughts on “Fooood

    1. Pizza would be amazing. I think I have found my number one challenge. Which all things considered isn’t so bad. I had some groundnut soup and a few passionfruit sodas (bc the coca cola truck seems to be slacking or something) and rice which was pretty good. Well have to make some for y’all


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