Technical Training Boot Camp


We haven’t had internet and very little cell service the past few weeks, so I thought I’d share a bit of what we have been up to at technical training.

We have learned:

-How to implement PD Hearth which is a 10-12 day program that aims to teach mothers how to enrich their children’s meals with local ingredients. It’s been really successful in helping decrease malnourishment in children in several countries.

-Complementary and exclusive breast feeding and how to teach about it

-Nutrition games and workshop ideas

-How to build tippy taps

-How to build soak-away pits 

-HIV/Aids in Ghana 

-Family planning methods 

-SWAT (Stand with Africa to Terminate Malaria) project ideas 

-The different types of boreholes (visited water & sanitation market)

-Visited World Vision and got to learn about what they are doing in West Africa- great organization!

-Got to visit Catholic Relief Services to learn how to partner with them- another wonderful organization 

-Got to visit an insectory to learn more about malaria and how they are combatting it 

-Learned about food security in Ghana and ways we can assist with increasing it 

-Painted murals on health topics

-Did a big community led total sanitation project 

-Facilitated groups at the local child welfare clinic day 

-Learned how to build latrines with local materias

So, as you can see, lots of good stuff going down over here. We are back in the Eastern region now for our last week at homestay before swearing in Thursday. Can’t believe it’s that time!




Chris presenting at our community led total sanitation day    Proud of the hole we dug for the soak away pit

  The donkey that received a standing ovation for bringing us the much needed rocks for our soak away pit

Drummers that welcomed us to the community  


 Waterfall!! Got to stop and swim on our way back to our homestay village  


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