Site Announcement

Hello fellow mud hut and mangoers,
It’s Sunday and we are on the Peace Corps bus headed north where we will spend two weeks in technical training and a week at our site.

Tomorrow is site announcement! Chris and I got an inside scoop about our site, but for all we know it could be a rumor, so we are pumped to find out what’s really going down.

Also tomorrow, our contact people from all of our villages will be meeting up with us and we will spend four days training together before they take us to site. After that, we will meet up with the group again in the North for technical training. And finally, we will return to our homestay village for one week before our big swear in ceremony. Exciting times!

Also… Chris and I both got intermediate mid on our LPI aka we passed!!! It’s been a happy weekend.

Phone service may not be great the next few weeks, but no worries all is good in the hood. Have a happy Sunday!

Mucho <3, Kallie


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