Activities Besides Language Training

Last week we got to visit Boti Falls.  It’s not rainy season, so the waterfall wasn’t at its peak, but it was still beautiful. We also got to take a three mile scenic hike through a cave, up some hills and through a field. It was a really nice break from the studying we have been doing.

We have been playing lots of football (soccer) with the village young-ins. It doesn’t seem like anybody here has a ball besides the adult league.  Alex, one of the other PCVs, brought one from home and the boys literally camp outside his door in the evenings to see if he brings the ball out.

On Fridays, we travel to a nearby village to visit with our language resource person. He is from the Upper East region and his wife has been making us traditional dishes for us. So far we have had Gole with Okra Stew and this week we will have our first Guinea Fowl. So nice of her to do this for us.

On Thursday evenings, we have had drumming and dancing lessons. Ghanaians are the greatest dancers. We have been learning a traditional dance that we will perform at our swearing in ceremony!

Friday was Ghana’s Independence day! She turned 62! We got to attend a village parade and then had a day full of Ghanaian history and cultural lessons.

We got to visit the largest bead market in West Africa. All the beads are made locally and are handcrafted. It was quite nifty.

Ok, well that’s all I can think of. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Activities Besides Language Training

  1. Juju to u both on your language test. So glad to hear you got a break between your lessons. Sounds like you had a good time. Love and think of the two of you very often. Grandma Madeira


    1. Hi. How did the Language test go? You should be done by now or pretty close to it. I’m sure you both passed with flying G-ma Madeira


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