Language Proficiency Exam

Hey everyone! Kallie here at the internet café with a little update. Chris and I have been really busy with our language training (6 hours a day 6 days a week). Our LPI test is Friday! Krikey, it came up fast. It will be a 20-30 minute conversation in Kasem and we will have to reach an intermediate/mid conversation level in order to pass. The force is strong with Chris in the way of language; it is not with me. Thankfully, he’s like a built in tutor so that helps. Our language trainer is also wonderful and has given me a few private lessons. So send lots of good juju my way if you think about it Friday. Once we all (hopefully) pass the test some exciting times are to come! We get our site announcement 3 days later and our counterparts from all of our 29 sites travel to our village to celebrate with us and then take us back with them to site! We are all really excited about it. We get to spend four days in our future homes, then we all meet up again for three more weeks of technical training. After that, we swear in and move to our permanent sites!


3 thoughts on “Language Proficiency Exam

  1. Thank you Kallie and Chris. We are really enjoying your updates regarding the early weeks of your journey. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

    Jim and Debbie


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