Update on Life thus Far

It’s been a long and hot two weeks so that means little sleep. We are now starting a second funeral this weekend which begins three days of dancing drinking and festivities which means less sleep, but surprisingly, we are adapting very well and feel as if our time at homestay has flown by. In general, I’d say the anxiety about two years of little or no American food, two years of bucket baths, two years of another language, and two years of being watched like your a celebrity has begun to fade so I think that is some testimony of integration and the culture shock starting to dissipate. It’s been an eventful two weeks with visiting Boti falls, seeing American LDS Missionaries in the local market buying some pears (avocado), seeing a fellow PCV’s two collegiate friends who came to Ghana as NGOs (non governmental org) and started a school in a rural village, visiting a hospital and seeing how it as well as Ghana national insurance operates, visiting the municipal government for our current residing district, to celebrating Ghana Independence Day, and even teaching some practical recycling and innovation skills to the students at one of the two local schools. All this has been eye opening and makes me realize how vital working together along Ghana host country nationals is when trying to reach specific goals in comparison to the independent and solitary mindset that seems to be more common in American society which from what we’ve seen and heard of thus far is something that will not prove to be successful when working in a developing country like Ghana. Well that’s about it for this post, I need to get back to studying Kasem for the language proficiency exam. Till next time,


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