Village Life 2

Hello all. It’s Chris this time. I was waiting to put up a blog post because I wanted to feel inspired to write, however, I have realized a lot of things remain the same, whether you’re in Africa or The States, including my source of inspiration to write. That being said I am forcing myself to write despite that we have all been very busy with training and trying to juggle learning two new languages and the new culture. I have to say I am thankful a lot of the Ghanaian people are very hospitable and full of laughter. The grace of the people in our village is very much needed as we learn how to greet elders and other cultural norms. We will be at our current site in the Volta regionfor approximately one more month then we will be heading north and shifting from language and cultural to technical training. We are all looking forward to our next training site because they have working showers and potentially (I pray it so) some American tasting food. At the same time we are trying to soak up as much learning as can humanly be accomplished while still at our current site because we aren’t really sure how much more time we will have to perfect the small things that go into our daily lives here. It’s all been very surreal, very educating and sometimes very overwhelming and it’s safe to say we are off to a great start here and our enjoying it. Till next time…combined with an Internet cafe.



5 thoughts on “Village Life 2

  1. Hi C&K so happy to receive your blogs. It’s exciting to hear what you are doing and to see all the pictures. Keep them coming when you have the time.


  2. Love, love you both!! You’re doing an AMAZING job acclimating to the culture there. Thank you for sharing with us-we enjoy learning and supporting you the best we can from “here.” We’ll all treasure your blogs for years to come. Thank you! Keep ’em coming, as you’re able. big hugs 🙂


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