Language Announcement!

Chris and I got assigned to the language Kasem! We wanted to learn Twi, because our host parents’ are wonderful teachers, but we are pumped about Kasem. The Kasem language is spoken in the Upper East region which means we are taking a serious hike up North. It’s a three day journey from the Upper East to the capital, Accra. There are also only four of us are going there which makes us the least populated Peace Corps region. From what we have learned, the North is very different than the South.  Currently we are in a very humid, tropical climate. It’s very green! Up North, it’s significantly more dry and dusty. It’s the region where mangoes come from and mud huts are more common too! It’s seems our blog title turned out to be self-fulfilling prophecy. Ghana is incredibly diverse, so I’ll have to do a whole post on that sometime. We are pumped that we are getting to experience the South for 10 weeks and then the North for 2 years. Till next time!-  Ywoo, ko ke fee


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