Our Peace Corps Timeline

Getting set up to be shipped off to Africa felt like a part-time job at times. It took us 15 months from our initial application to our send off date and it was chalk full of paper work, doctors visits, visa applications, etc. Our wait time was a little longer than the average, due to the fact we are married. Married couples only make up 10% of the Peace Corps, and it can be difficult to find placements at the same site that match both candidates’ experience/skills. That’s why it can take a bit longer. Overall, everything went smoothly, besides some repeat doctors visits due to paperwork errors. We are thankful that after months of preparation we are in the hourly countdown!

Nov. 2013- 8 hour online application
Jan. 2014- 3 hours of interviews (two individual and one together)
February 2014- Premedical Clearance
March 2014- Nominated for Ghana! Recruiter told us to get some HIV/Aids training
April 2014- Legal Clearance, started volunteering with Florida Dept. of Health HIV/Aids outreaches
June 2014- Received invitation for Ghana! Both as Health Educators!!
August 2014- Immunizations, applied for Peace Corps passport & Visa
September 2014- Physical, Dental exam, Eye exam
October 2014- Final Medical Clearance
November 2014- More paperwork/ assessments through online portal
January 2015- Staging instructions, booked flight through Sato
February 2015- We are off! Let the 10 week training begin
April 2015- Hopefully sworn in after passing the language proficiency test and assigned to a village!


One thought on “Our Peace Corps Timeline

  1. Thank you Chris and Kallie for this timeline. We will be looking forward to being kept apprised of how things go from here. Our thoughts and prayers will be with both of you while your journey plays out from here.

    Jim, Debbie, Jess & Mitch


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