Five.Five Years in Florida

Hello, Kallie here. This morning I was feeling a bit emotional with the amount of thoughtful emails, messages, and texts I received concerning our departure.  The outpour of love warms my heart, but also makes me sad to say goodbye to this season of life and the wonderful people who have made it so rich.

We also said our final goodbyes to our sweet friends Dawn and Harley yesterday. They have become family, so it’s difficult to comprehend being separated for the next few years. We did it the right way though, in true Dawn style, with a St. Augustine road trip and massive Chrismukkah party complete with dancing.  So shout-out to our dear Dawny and Harels. We love you guys SO much and couldn’t be more thankful for your friendship and the amazing memories we have shared.  You guys are our friends for life, so don’t think you are getting rid of us forever:p Bisous!!!!



This is a pic I took during our family vacation over Christmas break senior year of high school (see caption).  At that point, I was all set up to attend OSU to study Nutrition and Chris was set up to attend OU to study Engineering. Little did we know, one month before school was supposed to start Florida would steal our hearts and that would change everything…


So much has happened the past 5.5 years that I couldn’t begin to put it all into words. We made wonderful lifelong friends and some that we got to enjoy just for a season, we lost love and found it again, we learned from the school of hard-knocks and from actual school, we became financially independent, we learned what a quarter-life crisis meant, we graduated, we got jobs, we experienced heart-ache and loss, we wrestled with religion, laughed a whole lot, and cried some too. In essence, we started out as recklessly in love teenagers and became stable (but still madly in love:p) adults with new perspectives, expanded hearts, and more wisdom from all our experiences. We are thankful for all of the people who walked through this season with us. It’s you who have made it so wonderful and worth it. Relationships are absolutely the gold in life.

So in honor of that-  a few more shout-outs

The  Stu- the epitome of a good friend. The Stu and her family rescued us from a flood. We went from living in a lagoon to living in a castle on the sea ahhhh. We love you Stuey!!!


The Creative Couch is our Jax Beach Fam. So many fun times and great memories- porch time, starting a band (sorta), potlucks, dance parties, creative differences, and just generally doing life together. We love you guys.



This honey child and his sweet family- I just wish we had more time together:( I got to watch this baby grow so much over the past few months. He is seriously the most precious child and I will be having Baby Liam withdrawals shortly.


Bj, Zach, Princess, David, Christian, Anthony, Tommy- Chris’s best man friends. This means I’m going to need to step it up with the whole boat fixing, car accessorizing, kayaking into the night, fishing, and tennis thing to help make up for a small part of the hole in his heart without you guys around. Ahhh big shoes to fill







Dear Amanda and Macy. We looooove you! Thankful for 10 years of friendship and counting!


Phil & Pam- Almost 2 years of mischief together. Love you guys.


Our awesome counseling cohort!!!! I already miss this group.


Dr. Wilburn, Dr. Indelicato, Dr. Scott, & Dr. Wynn- If you are reading this- Thank you again for all that you do and did for our cohort! I couldn’t imagine better professors and mentors then you four. You constantly inspire me. We gotta stay in touch and I might need some rec letters in a few years;) <3<3


Shoutout to my Southeastern peeps. It’s crazy how much we grew up the past five years! I miss you all dearly and love you!! –Kat, Gemima, Amelia, Ives, Ace, BT, Cookie, BT (BK), Janelle, Wells fam, Luana, Jesus, Rachel, Emily, & Matt





The peeps I met at my counseling internship who made it awesomeee and became legit friends!! Carmen, Megan, Adria, Trenye, Nikki, Anna, Kathy


We have 11 days left in Florida. I plan to soak up every second of it. It will fly by with Nancy coming to visit (yay!) and all of the going away suppers and festivities. After that, we will be packing up our single vehicle then driving to Oklahoma to spend our last month with our mums and sibs. Happy, happy holidays everyone!!!!!!


One thought on “Five.Five Years in Florida

  1. Thanks for the sweet shout out in your Dec. 8th post. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that I couldn’t have gotten through those first few months without your loving help. I will always attribute Liam’s love of books to you, Kallie.


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